Anyone recognize this person with me? I am but a student, so I have little to offer beyond brownie points to whoever identifies this filmmaker correctly in the comments.

This photograph was taken during my sophomore year the day after I flew in to Oregon for my summer break. I was ecstatically happy to find out that as a part of this filmmaker’s book tour he would be coming to do a reading and book signing of A Moment in the Sun at Powell’s Books up in Portland since I had just missed seeing him do the same up in Rhinebeck, NY, a mere 30 minutes from my college, Vassar’s, campus.

However, even though I was incredibly excited, as further indication of my shyness I almost wasn’t going to have a picture taken with him. I was with my mom, as she had picked me up from the airport, and she knew how excited I was. She asked me if I wanted a picture. Of course I did, but I wasn’t about to ask for one. So my mom, being my mom, went over and asked for me (yes I was 19… yes I could have done it myself…yes I am that shy…) Although I was a bit embarrassed, I am so glad that I was able to take the picture (as you probably can see). When I went up to have my book signed, fortified by my sweatshirt, (he had made a comment about it when we took the picture, and I have since discovered that for the four years of my undergraduate career we were practically neighbors, both being denizens of Dutchess County), I even mustered up the courage to ask if he had any plans to visit Vassar’s campus anytime soon. He told me he would have to consult his calendar, and alas, he never did make it to campus while I was there.

Regardless, it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, and I look forward to crafting my letter to him. His films inspired my thesis. He is truly one of the filmmakers I admire most.


A Sneak Peak…

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