Whenever I start out to write a new letter,  I always become worried that I won’t have enough to say. I feel like I have set a length precedent, and don’t want any filmmaker to feel left out, like he or she is less important to me. This is silly, I know. Clearly I admire everyone that I write to here equally. Thankfully, once I begin to write, the words flow freely from my mind through my fingertips clacking madly away at my (wonderfully back-lit) keyboard. Most of the time I find myself reigning myself in because I don’t want my letters to be so long that no one will bother to read them. However, I do worry that this may already be the case 🙂

I decided to start this project so that I would not bore my friends to tears talking about movies and movie-makers. I am thrilled to have found such a perfect outlet for expressing my thoughts and feelings about movies. Realizing that I have this much to say on the subject, while not totally shocking, was a pleasant surprise. I have so many more letters in the pipeline that I can’t wait to share with everyone. Thank you to all who read this chronicle of correspondences. There’s a lot more to come.


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