Let’s Travel Back to Modern Times…


Oscar season always gets me feeling nostalgic about my love of films. Therefore, I think it is time to step back in time a little bit. As a responsible letter writer, I feel that I would be woefully remiss in my correspondences if I did not pen a letter to a filmmaker whom I have admired since I was just a little girl. I would have loved to have met him, and told him what an impact that his movies have made on me, how they inform my would-be filmmaking style, my sense of art as a vehicle for social justice, and how they sparked my lifelong love of slapstick comedy. My next letter must be to none other than Charlie Chaplin, Charlot, as the French critics call(ed) him, my all time favorite filmmaker and storyteller. I know that he will never be able to see this, but nonetheless I feel that I must do my own small part in order to keep his art alive in the world.


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