I’m Dizzy with Consequences…


So i guess i just keep moving forward. Practice makes perfect, but really it’s perfect practice that makes perfect, or that’s what my fiancé tells me. Truth be told, i think he’s terribly wise. that is why we are betrothed.

Navigating the waters of cyberspace, which is a vast, and i think, a somewhat dangerous place, can be difficult, but can also catapult you to a fruition of the greatest extreme.

We are all guppies– swimming right and left, forward and backward, around and around on a Möbius strip, so you close your eyes, right? Because otherwise you will grow too dizzy to see straight and won’t be able to pass the walk test when the copper pulls you over.

i must figure out where to paste my writing to the wall. it cannot be placed anywhere. actions must be deliberate and with consequences!

It is important to commit to what you say.

my problem is that i don’t share with people enough… too closed off for my own good…But perhaps i was never really very good at sharing, though i believe i received top marks from my kindergarten teacher in the subject.




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