The First Max Experiment: Virtual Synth 01

I made my first virtual synth using the BEAP modules in Max today. I’ve been away from a modular system for so long; it was a good way to refresh how signal flows in that particular context. I was even able to use my iZotope DDLY plug-in as an effect in the Max patch, which was a completely new experience for me. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work, and merely through chance happened to click on the right button to open up the interface that I was familiar with. It was easy enough to patch into my signal chain, and produced some interesting results that you can hear in the experiment above.


While it is not particularly inspired musically, I think I did okay for still being in the process of re-familiarization and learning in the program. Unfortunately, I lost all of my settings in an attempt to update my software. I’m going to have to look up how to save/load presets again.

Additionally, I’ve found that working within the higher-level Max modules (like BEAP or Vizzie) helps you to determine the direction you wish to go in your personal patching. As an example, the BEAP modules do not always allow for as much modulation capability as you might desire. Working with them, it is easy to identify where the modulation and customization falls short, and use it to help guide your own personal creation. Next up on my audio list? A delay with modulation parameters up the wazoo.

But before I try to tackle more complicated audio-related things, I would like to try my hand at live visual manipulation. My plan is to start simply: altering parameters of a still image. After I can grasp that, I will move on to generate imagery and processing video.

Until the next experiment!


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