Dear Reader 2.0 (Read me first!)

IMG_0177The nonsensical and sensical trappings of a somewhat sensible mind…

These writings have gone through a dramatic evolution as I continue to puzzle out what I want to write about. Go back far enough and you will encounter writings to my heroes of celluloid: directors mostly, and the films that made their mark on my life.

As I grow and mature, however, I realize that one subject is frankly, not enough to sustain. I try to incorporate more of my interests into photography, literature, poetry, and sound creation, cultural and academic criticism.

I strove for a unified whole, but what burst forth from the frenetic tappings upon the keyboard is unified only by the fact that I am responsible for its existence. So why attempt to continue to adhere to uniformity when, clearly, it is impossible to do so?

Voilà the present incarnation, and perhaps here it will stay.