Recent Work

‘Twas the Night (2016). Short.

Lonely holidays don’t have to be uneventful. Written, Directed, and Edited by: Marinna Guzy | Sound design and Re-recording mix by: Colin Lechner | Starring: Nina Rossi, Ian Spence 

Tea With Friends (2015). Short. 

Tea With Friends explores the association between taste and memory as famously described by Marcel Proust. One evening, a taste of tea enveloped me in a memory from early childhood, evoking the recollection of my fondness for hosting teddy bear tea parties. Written, Directed, Shot, and Edited by: Marinna Guzy | Sound design by: Colin Lechner

Flora and Fauntasia (2015). Experimental short. 

Flora and Fauntasia is a tone poem meditating on the simultaneous fragility and resilience of the cycle of life. There is an emphasis in the image on fungi, the great decomposers of the natural world. They rest unassumingly, nestled amongst leaves on the forest floor working slowly and mysteriously to recycle matter back to a state of lower complexity. Shot and Edited by: Marinna Guzy | Sound co-designed with Jai Berger.